How Do You Turn a Sweatshirt Into a Jacket?

To turn a sweatshirt into a jacket, first cut a straight line up the center front from hem to neckline. Add a thin lining to the bodice of the sweatshirt. Sew a zipper onto the raw edges of the sweatshirt to complete the transformation.

  1. Cut the sweatshirt

    Slide a large piece of cardboard into your sweatshirt and lay it flat on the table. Use a ruler to mark the center of the front panel, and draw a straight vertical line from the hem to the neckline. Cut along the line, ensuring you do not catch the cardboard or the back piece of fabric.

  2. Make lining pieces

    Fold your cut sweatshirt out so that it lays flat on a large piece of paper. Trace around three edges of one front panel, pulling the fabric taut. Remove the shirt and draw in the fourth side. Lay a thin piece of tracing paper on top of the back panel and trace. Out of a flannel or fleece fabric, use your paper patterns to cut two side panels and one back panel.

  3. Sew in the jacket lining

    Sew your lining pieces together at the sides and shoulders, making sure that the raw edges face the wrong side of the fabric. Use a serger or a hand stitch to attach your lining pieces to the existing seam allowances on the inside of the sweatshirt, keeping the right side of the fabric facing your body.

  4. Add a zipper

    Buy a jacket zipper that matches the length of your sweatshirt's center seam. Separate the sides and pin one to each edge with the zipper teeth facing away from the center. Fold the edge under so the teeth face in and check to make sure each side is even. Sew in place to complete the jacket.