How Do You Turn Jeans Into Shorts?

How Do You Turn Jeans Into Shorts?

To turn jeans into shorts, choose where you want to cut them, mark the front of the pants, pin the pant legs together, mark the back of the pants, and cut the jeans slowly. For a frayed look, use small scissors to remove the white fibers.

  1. Determine the length of the shorts

    Put the jeans on. Look in a mirror and decide where you want the shorts to end. Use a piece of chalk to mark the front of the pants where you plan to cut.

  2. Pin the pants

    Remove the pants. Pin the front and back of the pants together at the chalk line. Use measuring tape to make sure the front is marked at the same length on both pant legs.

  3. Mark the back

    Turn the pants over, and mark the back of the pants. It may help to use a ruler to keep the lines even.

  4. Cut the pants

    Remove the pins. Carefully cut along the chalk lines with a sharp pair of scissors. Cut slowly to avoid jagged edges.

  5. Fray the edges

    If you want a frayed look, use a small pair of scissors to grab the white fibers at the cut. Pull the horizontal strings away until the cut frays.