How Do You Turn Your Hair Into Dreadlocks?

Creating dreadlocks means tangling the hair, locking it into the tangles and letting it grow into dreadlocks. Any type of hair can be turned into dreadlocks, though the processes differ.

Start with clean, dry hair. Next, divide the hair into uniform sections. Bigger sections yield fatter dreadlocks. Gel, cream, hair wax or dreadlock wax is required to set the hair.. Some people use aloe vera to lock in moisture, while others use beeswax, though that damages the hair in the long run. Twist and clip each section of hair. Alternatively, divide each section in two and overlap in a spiral pattern. If your hair is very long or straight, braid the bottom two inches, which you will cut out after the hair locks. Otherwise, backcomb straight hair to tangle it into shape. Finally, use a hair dryer to ensure all the locks are completely dry.

As the hair grows out, the strands of hair enter the budding stage, meaning knots start to form. Encourage this formation by palm rolling, or emphasizing the spiral pattern by rubbing each strand in a clockwise direction. This is necessary dreadlock maintenance. Dreadlocks take between two months to a year to lock, depending on the hair texture. In the budding stage, only wash hair once a week. Once the dreads have locked, twice a week is recommended.