How Do You Tuck in a Dress Shirt?


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There are many ways to tuck in a dress shirt, but the "military tuck" provides a simple yet effective method to tuck in a dress shirt. To perform the military tuck, pinch the side seams of the shirt, fold the excess fabric back, and button pants to secure the tuck.

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  1. Unbutton pants

    Leave pants unbuttoned over the dress shirt because securing the military tuck requires quickly buttoning up your pants.

  2. Pinch the side seams of the shirt

    Using your pointer finger and thumb, pinch down the side seams of the shirt and tug down to gather the excess fabric.

  3. Fold the seams back

    Pull back the side seams and fold the excess fabric towards your rear. Use a moderate amount of pressure to gather the excess fabric and create a smooth, wrinkle-free tuck.

  4. Button up your pants

    To secure the Military Tuck in place, button up your pants and tighten your belt.

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