Is It True That Nourishing Creams and Skin Lotion Can Prevent Skin Aging?


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While nourishing creams and skin lotion are not as effective in preventing skin aging as medical procedures such as Restalyne or Botox, they can have a small degree of effectiveness. The main ingredient in many of the creams and lotions that advertise anti-aging properties focuses on pentapeptides.

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Pentapeptides are small groups of long chains of amino acids which function as chemical messengers throughout an individuals body. They help cells in the skin to produce more collagen. As collagen is what provides skin with a firm, young and smooth appearance, this is what the creams primarily have to offer consumers. The products also often contain vitamins and herbs designed to reduce the appearance of aging. Some products containing pentapeptides include Olays Regenerist cream, Principal Secret Reclaims Anti-Aging Night Cream and Doctors Dermatologic Formulas Wrinkle Relax.

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