What Are Some Trinity Symbol Tattoos?

Trinity symbol tattoos are associated with Christianity but can also symbolize different emotions and other nonreligious concepts. According to Christianity, the trinity includes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The trinity tattoo symbol has a huge significant religious and personal effect. The most common of the Trinity symbols is the Celtic trinity tattoo symbol.

The Celtic symbol includes three fish-head triangular structures that have interconnected lines with pointy edges. This predominant theme of the symbol represents three things that are not separate but rather are connected to each other.

The trinity tattoo is able to represent various common triads, including spirit, body and the mind; life, death and rebirth; the past, present and the future; power, intellect and love; preservation and destruction; and many more. Trinity tattoo symbols can be designed in various ways and with various ornamental designs. The symbols include the Celtic trinity knot tattoo, Celtic symbol tattoo, trinity Celtic knot tattoo and others.

There are a variety of trinity designs that originated in specific areas. Tattoo artists have different outlooks on trinity tattoos, as they represent more devotional and spiritual feeling than other religious tattoos. Irish designs are especially popular, and they are available from many different shops.