How Do You Trim Split Ends?

How Do You Trim Split Ends?

To trim split ends, separate the hair into four equal sections, twist one section at a time, and trim away any loose split ends that stray away from the twist. Finish each section by trimming the end of the twist.

  1. Separate the hair into equal sections

    Part the hair straight down the middle, and then separate each side into two sections, creating four equal sections of hair.

  2. Twist a section

    Take one section of hair and gently twist it tightly.

  3. Trim the stray split ends

    Split ends stray from the twisted hair, allowing you to see them easily. Trim each split end that strays from the twist.

  4. Trim the ends of the hair

    Put the scissors parallel to your hair and trim into the twist to finish off each section. Repeat with the remaining sections.