How Do You Trim Your Own Bangs?

How Do You Trim Your Own Bangs?

To trim bangs, leave hair dry and comb it straight down in order to ensure that it is even while trimming. Start at the center of the bangs, and work toward each edge in small batches to keep the bangs evenly trimmed. Bangs should be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks for the best results, though trimming them a bit shorter than usual when cutting can extend that time by a week or more, depending on the rate of hair growth.

  1. Leave the hair dry
  2. Though many people think that wetting the hair makes it easier to trim, in reality, it appears longer when wet, which often causes people to over trim. To ensure bangs are cut to the right length, work with dry hair when trimming.

  3. Straighten the bangs
  4. Do this with either a blow dryer and a brush or with a flat iron, if necessary. The straighter the bangs are, the easier it will be to trim them evenly.

  5. Start at the center
  6. Using sharp scissors (meant to trim hair) start at the center and work toward the edges. Trim in smaller batches of hair, rather than trying to trim the entire side in one snip. This helps to keep the hair a similar length and not appear choppy.

  7. Keep the bangs straight
  8. Straighten the bangs periodically with a comb. This helps to make sure that they are trimmed evenly and completely.

  9. Fluff the bangs
  10. Before finishing, fluff the bangs to see how they lay. If they need additional trimming, comb them straight and even them up.

  11. Trim any stragglers
  12. Before finishing, look for any stragglers. Even one hair that is longer than the others should be trimmed.