How Do I Trim a Mustache?

How Do I Trim a Mustache?

How Do I Trim a Mustache?

To trim your mustache, dampen it slightly with water, and apply some mustache wax evenly. Use a fine-toothed mustache comb to comb your mustache downward before trimming along the top lip with a pair of scissors. Lift small sections of the mustache hair using a comb, and trim to the desired length. Comb downward again, and check for evenness.

  1. Prepare your mustache

    Moisten your mustache lightly with some water, making sure it's damp but not saturated. Apply a bit of mustache wax evenly throughout your mustache. The wax facilitates trimming and ensures that every strand stays straight throughout the process.

  2. Comb your mustache downwards

    While your mustache is still damp, comb it downwards using a very fine-toothed mustached comb. The strands should all go in the same direction and be perpendicular to the floor.

  3. Do the first trimming

    Use a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer to trim your mustache along your top lip.

  4. Thin out the mustache slightly

    Lift small sections of the mustache hair away from your face using a comb, and trim according to your preferences. This process helps remove some bulk from your mustache and prevents it from becoming too bushy.

  5. Shave any stray hairs

    Use a razor to neaten the top of the mustache and shape it a bit.

  6. Check for evenness

    Comb your mustache downward again, and check if all the strands line up perfectly. If not, do slight trimmings until your mustache looks even and level.