How Do You Trim Long Hair?

To trim long hair, wet and section the hair, and cut the perimeter. Cut all of the hair to the perimeter cut. Trim other split ends by twisting sections of hair and trimming the hairs that stick up.

  1. Wet the hair

    Get the hair uniformly wet. For best results, wash and condition the hair first, and then towel it dry. Comb out tangles from the ends up with a wide-tooth comb.

  2. Section the hair

    Use a comb to create a parting from the corner of the forehead, straight back, around the back of the crown and forward to the other corner. Create a part from the top of one ear to the top section on both sides. Section the back into four equal segments.

  3. Cut the perimeter

    Drop a thin section of hair all the way around. Trim off the split ends, working in a straight line. Pull the hair straight to ensure it is evenly cut.

  4. Trim the hair

    Release another thin section of hair all the way around. Comb it straight down. Hold it between your pointer and middle fingers, making sure some of the perimeter hair is with it. Trim to this guide. Repeat this procedure all the way around. Release more hair, and repeat.

  5. Trim the top

    Once the sides and back have been trimmed, release the top section. Place the part in its normal position. Comb the hair straight down, and cut.

  6. Trim other split ends

    Take 2-inch sections of hair, and twist tightly. Run your finger along the outside. Gently trim the hairs that poke up from the twist.