What Are Some Tricks to Make Your Legs Look Longer?


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One trick for making your legs look longer is to match shoes with the pants or legging color. This helps create a clean line of color from the top of the leg to the floor. Another method is to wear an outfit that is all the same color. This creates a longer line of color from the shoulders to the floor.

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If unable to find shoes that precisely match an outfit, choose the closest color possible. One example of this is choosing a dark pair of jeans and tucking them into black knee high boots.

Certain colors such as black and other muted tones have a slimming effect. Therefore, wearing black jeans or leggings helps the legs look more slim and longer. Wearing a nude colored heel that matches the skin tone creates an optical illusion so that the eyes don't immediately see where the leg ends and the shoe begins. This also has an elongating effect on the legs.

Pants with vertical pinstriping also trick the eyes into seeing extra length. Piping and vertical buttons create the same effect. Additionally, skirts and dresses with a high hem length expose more of the leg and, when paired with heels, the effect is strengthened.

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