How Does Tria Hair Removal Work?

Tria hair removal works by using laser technology to disable hair follicles and prevent hair from growing back. The Tria hair removal system uses diode lasers, which penetrate the skin to target the roots of hair without damaging the skin.

The lasers target the melanin, or pigment, in the hair follicles to disable them. The hair in the treated area then falls out, leaving skin soft and smooth. With repeated use, the laser can permanently disable hair follicles so the hair cannot grow back.

The Tria hair removal system is easy to use and offers five levels of intensity. Users are advised to start on the lowest setting and work their way up to the highest, if necessary. To use the device, simply place the tip on the area to be treated, wait for the pulse and then move to the next location. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, treatments should be completed once every two weeks for up to three months. While results may vary depending on skin tone, hair density and hair color, most users see lasting results within the first three months.

As of July 2015, the Tria hair removal system has a battery life of about 30 minutes, which will enable the user to target multiple treatment areas in one sitting.