What Are Some Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs?


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Some trendy short hairstyles with bangs are the back-and-forth style, the "structured and piecey" style, and the graduated-texture look. Then, there are also the fringe-and-curls look, the sleek-and-classic look, and the pixie style.

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The back-and-forth look is put together by cutting the sides of the hair shorter in the back, but longer in the front. This creates an effect where the hair is pushed away from the face. In terms of the hair on top, it can be brushed forward to produce a textured appearance. The structured-and-piecey style is created by first applying product to wet hair, then blow drying it with a brush before finally piecing out the fringe. This look is perfect for those with an oval-shaped face with hair of medium thickness.

The graduated-texture look gives the hair maximum volume at the crown of the head. It combines a layered top with razor-like bangs in the front. This look is well-suited for those with a longer face shape with hair of medium density. The fringe-and-curls style pairs curls with smoothed bangs. Longer hair is curled with a small-barrel iron while a flat iron is used to bend the bangs, which are swept to the side of the forehead.

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