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Tree braids are commercial hair extensions that are attached to the natural hair via a specific hair extension technique. The natural hair is braided into cornrows and the commercial hair extensions are attached to the braid.

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Tree braids are natural-looking hair extensions that are braided in to cornrows in the natural hair, meaning no synthetic bonding method is used, such as needles or glue. Because they are just attached by braiding, tree braids shed faster than other types of hair extensions. Tree braids take less time to put in than other kinds of hair extension, and they allow for natural hair movement and a variety of hairstyles. The cornrows used in tree braids provide a more secure attachment for extensions than a weave track. Tree braids last for 2 to 3 months with proper care and maintenance.

Tree braids can be applied to natural or relaxed hair and any length of hair. However, thin or silky hair does not allow for as many tree braids to be applied, resulting in extensions that are spaced further apart. Tree braids hide the natural hair underneath, and women often get them to give their natural hair a break from products and chemical treatments, or while they are growing out their natural hair. Tree braids can be shampooed and dried like natural hair, even if the extensions are synthetic. Combing and brushing tree braids must be handled with more care than natural hair or other types of hair extension. Some synthetic tree braids cannot be combed at all, and must be de-tangled with the fingers. Removing tree braids involves simply taking out the cornrows and removing the extension.

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