What Are Treatments for Smelly Scalp?


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Smelly scalp is often due to high sebum or oil production and may dissipate if patients wash their hair twice daily, according to the Belgravia Centre. People with scalp odor should visit a medical professional, as it may indicate other health problems such as psoriasis, notes The Huffington Post.

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There is no cure for psoriasis as of 2016, but treatments include special shampoo, salicylic acid ointments and prescription drugs, notes WebMD. Treatments for excess sebum due to psychological stress or birth control pills may include massage, yoga or a change of contraception, according to Columbia University. Patients may also use shampoos with ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfate and avoid conditioner. Fungal disease, which can also cause scalp smells, requires antifungal medication from doctors, explains the Belgravia Centre.

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