What Are Some Treatments for Hangnails?


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Treat hangnails by clipping the nail with clean, sharp cuticle scissors, according to WebMD. The affected area and cuticles require moisture to heal after the hangnail is removed. Massage cream or hand lotion into the cuticles two to three times daily.

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Refrain from biting or pulling off a hangnail to avoid ripping the skin near the nail and damaging the nail bed, which allows bacteria to enter the skin, explains WebMD. A hangnail is a strip of skin that becomes separated from the cuticle's side.

Avoid hangnails or infections related to fingernails by keeping fingernails clean and dry, suggests Mayo Clinic. Regular immersion in water can cause fingernails to split, and clean nails do not have bacteria that grow under the fingernails. Use rubber gloves when exposing the hands and nails to harsh chemicals or when washing dishes or cleaning to prevent harm to the fingernails. Use moisturizer on the fingernails and cuticles.

Proper nail hygiene also helps prevent infections and hangnails, according to Mayo Clinic. Trim nails straight across with clippers or sharp manicure scissors, and round the tips of the nail into a curve. A protective layer of nail hardener when using polish or manicuring nails can strengthen fingernails.

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