What Are Some Treatments for Dark Circles Under the Eyes on Men?


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Some ways men can alleviate dark or puffy circles under the eyes include allergy management, a low-sodium diet, neti pot treatments, changing sleep positions, using protection from sun rays, abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes and a cold compress. Age and genetics often are factors in having dark circles.

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Seasonal allergies cause eyes to become puffy and dark, so medicine helps alleviate those symptoms. When a person eats foods filled with sodium, it attracts extra water from the body to parts rich in sodium, including the eyes. A neti pot is a special device used to flush nostrils with a saltwater solution. Sleeping on the back reduces gravitational forces causing eye sagging. Drinking alcohol, smoking and UV rays weaken the skin and accelerate wrinkling around the eyes. Use sun protection such as sunscreen or sunglasses to minimize UV effects. A cold compress, such as cucumbers over the eyes, reduces swelling around the lower eye area and reduces the appearance of darkness or sagging.

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