What Treatments Are Available for Peeling Nails?


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Treatment options for peeling nails include massaging them with vitamin E, jojoba oil or alpha-proxy acids, and taking supplements with nail-strengthening properties, such as Vitamin B-7 and biotin. Maintaining a diet rich in protein and B vitamins is another effective way to treat peeling nails.

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One of the first steps towards healing peeling nails is ensuring they are properly moisturized and hydrated. Massaging a combination of vitamin E and jojoba oil into the nails daily is a great way to achieve this. The jojoba oil breaks down into molecules that are small enough to seep into the nail's damaged surface plate, allowing the Vitamin E molecules combined with the jojoba oil to be fully absorbed into the nail, healing and strengthening it from within.

Alpha-proxy, alpha-hydroxy and lactic acids are other good choices to massage into peeling nails to strengthen and repair them. For maximum effect, apply before bed and sleep wearing cotton gloves to ensure absolute penetration and absorption of the moisturizer into the nails.

B vitamins, particularly Vitamin B-7, and biotin have been shown to be effective in healing and restoring peeling nails. These are available as oral supplements for those with nail problems.

Eating a healthy diet with plenty of lean protein and B vitamins and getting enough exercise are also good ways to treat peeling nails. Exercising vigorously and often ensures good blood flow so that fingers and toes get the amounts of oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy nail growth.

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