What Are the Treatment Options for Rosacea Mites?


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Excess demodex mites, which may be the cause of a skin condition known as rosacea, can be prevented by washing the face daily with a nonsoap cleanser and conducting periodic skin exfoliation, according to Rather and Hassan for the Indian Journal of Dermatology. Individuals should also avoid using oil-based cleansers and greasy makeup.

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Demodex mites live in hair follicles on most people; however, their presence is generally asymptomatic, states Rather and Hassan. Most people are only carriers, and mites are not easily detected without a skin biopsy. Demodex mites are a factor in a number of skin conditions. Research has shown an association between an unusually dense number of demodex mites in patients with rosacea. However, as of 2015, it is unclear if they play a direct role in causing the condition.

Symptoms of rosacea related to demodex mites include follicular scaling, dryness and pustules, explains Rather and Hassan. A common theory is the use of heavy creams or oil-based products on the face provides lipids as nourishment for the mites, allowing them to reproduce in greater numbers and causing skin eruptions. The mites may be temporarily exterminated with topical creams, including permethrin and crotamiton, as well as with metronidazole.

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