What Is the Best Treatment for Mouth Ulcers?

What Is the Best Treatment for Mouth Ulcers?

The most effective treatments for mouth ulcers are antimicrobial mouth rinses, corticosteroid ointments and solutions that reduce the discomfort, according to WebMD. These remedies are prescribed by dentists when the sores do not heal on their own.

In the majority of cases, the pain caused by mouth ulcers subsides within several days. It takes one or two weeks for the sores to go away. WebMD advises getting medical treatment when ulcers remain large and painful for three weeks.

The condition typically features alternating periods of irritation and remission. While no cure for mouth ulcers exists, there are strategies for preventing them. WebMD recommends proper dental hygiene, avoiding acidic and spicy foods, cleaning teeth with a soft brush, using dental floss and not chewing gum.

About 20 percent of people suffer from mouth ulcers, also called canker sores or apthous ulcers. They generally appear on the inside of the cheeks. Minor ulcers are the less severe, while major ulcers are larger and take longer to heal. A herpetiform ulcer is a cluster of tiny sores that can leave a scar.

Injuries to the tissues of the mouth, as well as sharp tooth edges, braces and dentures, are among the causes of mouth ulcers. A compromised immune system, nutritional deficiencies and gastrointestinal tract diseases are sometimes responsible.