What Is the Best Treatment for Dry, Thin Hair?


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Establishing a cleansing, styling and salon routine is the best treatment to repair and enhance thin, dry hair. Products that contain natural ingredients and that promote gentle cleansing and finding the right salon are two of the most important steps in a treatment plan.

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What Is the Best Treatment for Dry, Thin Hair?
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The first step in treating dry, thin hair is to use a gentle shampoo twice a week that doesn't contain harsh chemicals and that claims to thicken hair texture. Leave-in conditioner is the best accompanying product, and should be used sparingly because conditioner weighs the hair down. A homemade spray product of a mix of chamomile and lemongrass teas is sprayed into the hair on the days that it is not shampooed and acts as a mild cleanser and shine serum.

Commercial hot oil treatments can be used once a week to promote shine and hydration. The oil is first warmed, then massaged into the hair and scalp and wrapped into a hot towel to better penetrate the hair shaft. This is done on one of the days the hair is shampooed, as the treatment needs to be washed out after an hour and a half.

Finally, it is important to establish a routine with a hair stylist who understands fine, dry hair. A style cut on the diagonal is ideal, with shorter hair in front that is angled around the face giving the look of movement and volume. Appointments with the stylist are made every six weeks to avoid split ends, which are more obvious in thin hair.

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