How Do You Treat Stretch Marks?


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Microdermabrasion, certain forms of laser therapy and tretinoin creams have been shown to have limited success at reducing the appearance of stretch marks, according to the Mayo Clinic. A physician should be consulted before pursuing any of these treatment options.

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Stretch marks are the result of rapidly expanding skin and are commonly associated with weight gain, pregnancy and rapid weight loss. It is commonly believed that certain moisturizing creams and even the use of vitamin E can be used as preventative measures, but anyone whose skin has lost its elasticity invariably develops stretch marks under the right conditions. Home remedies may ease the discomfort associated with stretch marks, but only time and healing help them to fade.

Certain in-office medical procedures can also further reduce their appearance, but these treatments may not be right for all patients. In particular, certain topical creams are not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers. Individuals seeking to prevent stretch marks are advised to do all they can to maintain a healthy weight and remain active during pregnancy. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of stretch marks, it also helps keep the mother and infant healthy.

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