How Do You Treat Split Ends?

How Do You Treat Split Ends?

The most common treatment for split ends is to trim off the broken ends. Comb out the hair evenly, separate it into small sections, and trim the ends with scissors designed for hair.

  1. Wet the hair

    Wet the hair so it is easier to handle.

  2. Separate the hair into manageable sections

    Obtain large styling clips and a comb. Slide the comb vertically through your hair at approximately 1-inch intervals, twist the 1-inch chunk of hair around your finger, and clip it. Repeat to secure all the hair on your head.

  3. Unwind a single section of hair and trim

    Using a comb and your fingers, smooth one section of hair out flat. Slide the hair between your pointer and middle fingers, until just the tips of the hair stick out. Hold the scissors horizontally, and gently snip the ends. Cut just above the split ends.

  4. Work your way around your head

    Rewind the trimmed section, and clip it back up. Continue the trimming process until you've trimmed all sections of your hair.

  5. Wash and dry your hair

    Wash and dry your hair. This helps reveal any hair that you may have missed during the trim.

  6. Trim any remaining split ends

    Trim any remaining split ends that are visible upon inspection.