How Do You Treat Skin Tags?


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Treatments for skin tags include freezing them off, tying them off with a thread or suture, or simply cutting them off, according to MedicineNet. Skin tags are a common but mostly harmless skin condition.

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Skin tags do not necessarily require treatment. However, if they are bothersome, patients may remove them at home without anesthesia, using scissors or string. Larger skin tags may require anesthesia and medical removal. Doctors use liquid nitrogen to freeze off skin tags, or they burn them off with electric cautery, explains MedicineNet. Removal of a skin tag does not cause more to grow.

Potential risks for freezing or burning off skin tags are temporary skin discoloration, a need for repetitive treatments or the tag not falling off. Dermatologists, family physicians and internal medicine physicians are the type of doctors that commonly deal with skin tags. Sometimes eye specialists are required to remove skin tags that are close to the eyelid margin, notes MedicineNet.

Common places for skin tags to occur include around the eyes, neck, armpits, groin folds and underneath breasts. Almost every human develops a skin tag at some point in life, and any individual may have anywhere from one to 100 skin tags. Middle age and obesity are most commonly associated with skin tags, notes MedicineNet.

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