How Do You Treat Ingrown Toenails?


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The treatment of ingrown toenails depends on the severity of the condition. For an ingrown toenail that is not infected or causing only minor pain, home remedies such as soaking the affected foot in warm water and medication can relieve discomfort, while wearing sandals can help the condition improve, notes Mayo Clinic. However, severe ingrown nail problems may require antibiotics or nail removal.

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How Do You Treat Ingrown Toenails?
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An ingrown toenail can cause pain, redness and inflammation along the sides of the affected nail. Causes of ingrown toenails include wearing shoes that do not fit well, cutting the nails very short or an injury to the toenail.

When home treatments fail to relieve the symptoms of this condition, it can lead to an infection that may be treated with antibiotics. If the problem is recurrent, surgery may be needed. One option involves the removal of the nail border, explains MedicineNet, while others include partial or complete removal of the nail, reports WebMD. This type of surgery is called a matrixectomy. These procedures can be performed under anesthetic in a doctor's office.

Ways to prevent ingrown toenails include trimming the nails straight across and avoiding ill-fitting shoes, pressure or nail injury.

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