How Do You Treat an Extremely Dry Scalp?


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Treat an extremely dry scalp with conditioning treatments, anti-dandruff moisturizing shampoos and make diet changes to hydrate the skin and scalp from within, suggests Everyday Health. Cut out hair gels, sprays and mousses that dry out the scalp, and use a deep conditioner or hot oil to massage and hydrate the scalp periodically.

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Nutritional deficiencies are common causes of an extremely dry scalp, and natural supplements such as selenium, zinc, flax seed oil, fruits and vegetables tend to improve the condition over time. Sugary foods and desserts increase flaking and dryness, while foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in sodium and alcohol ease dryness, states Everyday Health. Drink plenty of water to keep the scalp moisturized from within.

If an underlying condition such as scalp psoriasis is at the root of an extremely dry scalp, use foams or creams with corticosteroids, salicylic acid or coal tar, according to How Stuff Works. A regular massage with a deep conditioner or hot oil twice a week helps soothe a dry scalp, and so does a gentle scalp massage while shampooing. Always opt for hair products without alcohol, and avoid frequent shampooing as this can dry out the scalp, suggests Everyday Health. In severe cases of dry skin or a more serious skin disease, a dermatologist may prescribe ointments or prescription creams to deal with the condition, says Mayo Clinic.

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