How Do You Treat Blackheads?

How Do You Treat Blackheads?

Treat blackheads with a cleanser meant specifically to get rid of blemishes. Make sure the infected area stays clean and dry. Moreover, any surfaces that may come in contact with your skin must be clean.

  1. Get the right products

    Look for a cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to treat blackheads. If these types of products irritate your skin, look for a gentle, oil-free soap or cleanser for sensitive skin.

  2. Wash your skin twice a day

    Gently wash your skin twice a day, including once before bed, especially in the acne-prone areas. Do not excessively scrub your face in an attempt to get it cleaner, as this may cause further irritation and redness.

  3. Change your bedding

    Change your pillow cases and other bedding at least once a week. Even if you wash before bed, natural oils have a tendency to build up as you sleep and transfer from your skin to your bed.

  4. Keep other surfaces that touch your skin clean

    Use mild laundry detergents to avoid any reactions, and do not use oily lotions, harsh perfumes and colognes. Keep your hair tied up and away from your face to avoid oil transfer, especially if you tend to break out more on your forehead. Clean objects that you use daily, such as your cell phone, and do not touch your face with your hands unless they are freshly washed.