How Do You Treat Adult Cystic Acne?


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To treat adult cystic acne, use a systemic antibiotic such as doxycycline or minocycline, notes Healthline. You can also use light therapy, steroid injections or the drug isotretinoin to treat this skin condition. The first step in any case is to make sure that you do not irritate the cystic pimple by trying to squeeze it.

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Using antibiotics is the most efficient way to treat adult cystic acne, according to Healthline. The systematic antibiotics take a few days to reduce bacterial growth. If you decide to use light treatment, understand that it is expensive and takes several treatments to resolve the issue. Steroid injections are only effective for treating single cysts rather than clusters of cystic acne. If you decide to use the drug isotretinoin, do so with caution, because this drug has links to cases of miscarriage, anxiety and depression.

Cystic acne occurs when you have a deep infection in your skin that produces a swollen pimple containing pus, explains WebMD. The pimple can itch and spread if it bursts. You can develop cystic acne on various places on your body, including your back, face or shoulders. You can get it as young as 8 years old or as old as 50, but you are a prime candidate for this skin condition if you are a young adult or in your teens, as hormone fluctuations accompany the skin changes that clog your pores. If you are a woman, birth control pills may help control these hormones.

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