What Are Traditional Tattoos for Navy Divers?


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Traditionally, people with any job specialty use tools of their trade for their tattoos. Navy divers are no different. They often feature deep sea diving helmets or full atmospheric diving suits in their tattoos, either as the focal point or a background image.

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The helmet and full body atmospheric suit are generally not used alone in a tattoo. Navy diver tattoos may include other aspects associated with the Navy such as anchors and rope, unit or ship names, specific personal achievements and mottoes of their units, or the Navy in general. Many different units fall under Naval diving, and these include salvage, experimental and harbor clearance divers.

Naval diver tattoos also often include aquatic themes with sea creatures that have a fierce reputation. The most common sea creatures included are sharks, squid and octopuses. It is also common to see tattoos that address someone lost in battle or at sea or the use of old recruiting poster aspects. Naval tattoos are also known for their old school styling and use of women dressed as sailors or mermaids being incorporated. Military tattoos are usually very personalized to the individual's experience and hold some story as to the reason each part was used.

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