What Is the Traditional Style of Turkish Clothing?

The traditional style of Turkish clothing is mostly casual attire made with cotton and wool fabrics. Most of the clothing is functional and comfortable. Traditionally, men and women often wore similar clothing. Since men and women both traveled frequently on horseback, they required comfortable and flexible attire.

Traditional Turkish clothing was frequently made of felt and leather, since these materials were easy to find. There were also items made of fur, wool and sheepskin. Turkish people in the central part of Asia often wore mintan shirts, leather boots, loose trousers and short caftans with belts. Head coverings were also part of traditional Turkish attire, and they were often made of sheepskin or fur. People wore them for status and to protect their heads.

As of 2015, modern Turkish clothing styles are still influenced by the traditional garb. People still wear casual clothing, though they dress up slightly more. Many Turkish people wear t-shirts and shorts or pants, with the exception of visiting mosques. In mosques, Turkish dress is more modest. Visitors do not show the tops of their upper arms, shoulders or thighs. People wear pants or knee-length skirts or dresses and a long-sleeved shirt. Women wear a headscarf to cover their hair. Neither men nor women wear sleeveless tops or shorts in a mosque. There are no special rules for shoes in a mosque since visitors remove their shoes.