What Traditional Clothing Do Latina Women Wear During Cultural Celebrations?


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Traditional clothing worn by Latin women during cultural celebrations includes dresses and blouses. Traditional clothing varies based on the culture, as different Latin countries have their own traditions. The type of clothing worn also varies depending on the celebration, as many holidays have clothing and costumes associated with them.

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Traditional clothing for Mexican women includes the huipil, quechquémitl and rebozo. A huipil is similar to a tunic and doesn't have sleeves. A quechquémitl is two rectangular pieces of cloth that are woven together, then worn over the shoulders like a poncho; any type of cloth can be used. A rebozo covers the head and body and is worn like a shawl.

The huipil, quechquémitl and rebozo can all have unique designs that represent the wearer's community, beliefs or martial status. Mexican women often modify their outfits by adding accessories.

Traditional clothing for Spanish women includes the mantilla, peineta and gilet. A mantilla is a veil that is worn during religious events. It's held up by a peineta -- a large, decorative comb. A gilet is a sleeveless jacket.

Typical Spanish dresses are red, white or black. Mexican dresses come in many colors as they are worn often, but Mexican women also wear specific dresses for special events. In a quinceañera, a long pink or white gown is traditionally worn.

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