How Do You Trade Your Clothes for Cash?

How Do You Trade Your Clothes for Cash?

Sell used clothes to resale shops, such as Clothes Mentor, or to a consignment store, such as Once Upon a Child. Alternatively, list clothing at online stores eBay. For selling clothes online, post photos of the clothing in in an attractive setting with no visible wrinkles.

Clothes Mentor buys and sells slightly used designer clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories through their locations around the country.

Once Upon a Child specializes in children's clothing. Simply bring slightly-used children's clothing, shoes and toys to a local Once Upon a Child branch.

eBay hosts online auctions where sellers can post their second-hand clothing and sell to users located in 30 countries worldwide.

To get the best value for used clothing, make shopping choices as if they were investments, and stick to the classics. Well-known brands and styles that are timeless command the best resale prices.