Are Tourmaline Straighteners Better Than Ceramic or Titanium?

Titanium, tourmaline and ceramic straighteners are all preferred by stylists and clients alike for different reasons. Which straightener is the correct straightener for a particular person depends on what she plans to use the straightener for, how much money she is willing to spend and how often she plans on using it.

Many stylists use tourmaline straighteners in their salons because tourmaline-coated plates heat up quickly and evenly. They also consistently produce silky, smooth frizz-free locks.

Titanium straighteners, like tourmaline straighteners, are also popular in salons because of their fast heat-up time and consistently smooth results.

Ceramic straighteners are extremely popular for everyday use because they are generally less expensive than the other types of straighteners, explains The ceramic plates move smoothly and easily throughout the hair without tugging, pulling and causing breakage.

Using a heat protectant product when straightening hair is a fantastic way to minimize damage caused by heat-styling. It is essential to properly moisturize hair between straightening sessions to keep it beautiful and healthy. A hair mask or a deep conditioner are two great ways to help heal dry, damaged hair caused by heat. If these products are used a on a regular basis, they help maintain healthy, gorgeous hair.