What Are the Top Treatments for Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are often characterized by dryness, splitting, and cracking. Brittle nails are generally thought to be caused by a lack of moisture or protein in the nails. There are several treatments available to prevent brittle nails and improve nail health. Treatments include vitamin supplements, fortified nail polishes, and moisturizers.

Nails require iron, zinc and biotin to grow and stay healthy. One treatment for brittle nails is as simple as taking a daily supplement that contains these vitamins. These vitamins can also be found in foods that are part of a normal, healthy diet. Biotin, for example, is found in peanuts, soy, mushrooms and bananas.

Keeping nails moisturized may be effective to prevent and treat brittle nails. Drugstore moisturizers and lotions may do the trick. Also, a homemade moisturizer can also be made from a mix of milk and egg yolks. Many nail polishes are available that are fortified with vitamins and minerals designed to boost nail health and treat brittle nails. These nail polishes can be found at local drug stores. On the other hand, taking a break from nail polish and nail polish remover may also help improve the strength and health of nails.

Certain medical conditions have side effects on nail health, including conditions associated with poor circulation or thyroid issues. Treatment of the underlying condition may improve the problem of brittle nails as well.