What Are Some Top T-Shirt Manufacturers?

top-t-shirt-manufacturers Credit: Indeed/Getty Images

Top T-shirt manufacturers are Royal Apparel Wholesale, Delta Apparel and Spectra USA Apparel Company. Each company offers a variety of T-shirts while highlighting a unique characteristic of that company.

Royal Apparel Wholesale is a T-shirt manufacturer based in the United States. Deemed as a "private label shirt manufacturer," Royal Apparel creates brand clothing with private labeling, re-labeling and tear-away labeling services. The company offers screen print, embellishing and embroidery to make clothing unique and also offers an array of colors, styles and fabrications from which buyers can choose. Wholesalers may receive a discount on their shirt orders or may qualify for free freight service.

Delta Apparel boasts its 100 percent cotton T-shirts and products made from recycled polyester. Delta Apparel has omitted the middle man in its services, so customers do not pay additional fees or wait a long time for delivery. The customer service team answers any phone calls or emails immediately and strives to make customers' experience with Delta Apparel their best. On-line chat is offered to customers for real-time personal support.

Spectra USA Apparel Company focuses on using local labor and few to zero imports. Its 16 styles of T-shirts are almost all made with yarn from the United States, but they're entirely knitted and dyed in the United States. Spectra USA is under the North American Free Trade Agreement, meaning it can ship its products to Mexico and Canada without extra duties.