What Are the Top Five Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Techniques?

Some of the best natural anti-aging skincare techniques include avoiding heavy cleansers, eating more fruits and vegetables, using fragrance-free products and using products that have extracts of fruit, vegetables and honey. Regularly use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 that has moisturizers that contain antioxidants and peptides.

Avoid harsh chemical cleansers that strip the moisture from the skin. Opt for mild cleansers in a gel, cream or foam base with natural extracts of herbs, coconut and honey, which clean without damage. The best way to slow down the process of aging is to follow healthy habits. Drink water, sleep for six to eight hours, and maintain a healthy diet.

To avoid skin irritation, use fragrance-free versions of moisturizers, night creams and eye creams. Products with a full line-up of chemicals also damage the skin in the long term. Look for products that feature a largely organic and natural list of ingredients such as extracts of fruits, vegetables, honey and sea vegetation, such as kelp, other seaweed and sea salts. Protect skin from the sun every day and all through the year. Unprotected exposure to the sun causes various signs of aging such as dark spots, sallow skin, and wrinkles.