What Are the Top Five Hair Clipper Brands?

What Are the Top Five Hair Clipper Brands?

Wahl, Oster and Braun are the top-rated clipper brands, according to Consumer Research. Andis and Conair are two other brands that Top Ten Reviews recommends.

The Andis Improved Master has aluminum steel housing that makes it very durable. It does require being oiled between haircuts, though. The Andis Promoter Combo works well for beginners. It contains both clippers and trippers, and the design is ergonomic.

For cordless clippers, the Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper holds up as well as clippers that require cords. In the Wahl brand, the Chrome Pro comes with nine guide attachments and works efficiently.

Oster has long been a favorite brand by hair professionals. The Oster 76 cuts through thick hair, wet hair and curly hair with ease. It features detachable blades, allowing cuts ranging from one-half of an inch to 1.25 inches. For people with less-rigorous needs, the Oster Fast Feed holds up well.

The Braun cruZer6 works well for trimming both hair and beards because it features two widths of blades. It is also a cordless clipper with low vibration. The Conair HC1100AM I-Pro offers stainless steel blades with a sharp angle, which allow for control during taper cuts.The set also includes 10 guide attachments.