What Are Some of the Top Fashion Clothing Brands?

What Are Some of the Top Fashion Clothing Brands?

As of 2015, the top fashion clothing brands include Target, Macy's, JCPenney, Ralph Lauren and Forever 21, according to BusinessInsider.com. Each brand makes lines of clothing for both men and women.

Shoppers flock to Target to buy its "cheap chic" clothing, which is a category of clothing consisting of trendy, affordable selections with upscale appeal. Target collaborates with different designers to create some of its clothing lines.

Macy's is increasingly selling trendier clothing lines, drawing in younger crowds. It is also starting to produce lower-priced apparel to appeal to a larger demographic.

JCPenney's in-house clothing brands, which include Liz Claiborne, Arizona Jeans and St.John's Bay, are popular and sell well. Shoppers must visit a JCPenney store location or JCPenney.com to buy these brands, as they are sold exclusively by JCPenney.

The Ralph Lauren clothing company, created by and named after the American fashion designer of the same name, offers high-end apparel. Its clothing is sold by more than 11,000 stores around the world.

The fast fashion brand Forever 21 sells trendy clothing at a low price point. Its modern, inviting store locations have a "Trending Now" section that showcases its most popular items and those that sell the best on its website Forever21.com.