What Are the Top 10 Best Shampoos?

What Are the Top 10 Best Shampoos?

What Are the Top 10 Best Shampoos?

The best shampoo differs from one hair type to another and all have ingredients for moisturizing hair. The best choices for types of shampoo are clarifying, volumizing, color extending, medicated, gentle and dry shampoos.

Clarifying shampoos are meant to remove residue. These are best used for people who swim or use a lot of hair product. It is usually utilized once every month. Examples of popular clarifying shampoos are Neutrogena Anti-Residue and Suave Daily Clarifying shampoos.

Volumizing shampoos are designed for people with fine or limp hair. They contain protein compounds that coat the hair to give it more body. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo is one of the most purchased volumizing shampoos, as of 2015.

Color-extending shampoos are reported to help keep color-treated hair from fading over time. Some chemists disagree with these claims, although many consumers say they noticed the shampoos did help them keep a more vibrant color between salon visits. Redken Color Extend has been promoted by many beauty magazines as the best color-extending shampoo on the market. Other alternatives to this contain silicone that coats and protects hair for longer color wear.

Medicated shampoos are mainly used for fighting dandruff. The most effective formulas are anti-fungal and contain zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide and ketoconazole. The most notable medicated shampoo is Nizoral, but Head and Shoulders and Neutrogena also make popular and affordable products.

Gentle shampoos are for people who have skin that reacts poorly to chemicals. Most have light fragrances and no harsh ingredients. The best gentle shampoos are usually made for babies, such as Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo or California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash.

Dry shampoos are either powder or spray shampoos that are for use between washes. They contain ingredients that absorb oils and contain some kind of fragrance to freshen hair. Consumers love Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder.