What Are the Top 10 Attractive Hairstyles for Women According to Men?


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While tastes vary by personal preference, men often like longer, messier hair. However, short haircuts, dressed hair, retro hair and casual styles are favored as well.

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What Are the Top 10 Attractive Hairstyles for Women According to Men?
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According to Marie Claire Magazine, one hairstyle men like on women is long with soft layers. The layers should be wavy to create a relaxed look.

The second hairstyle men like is beachy waves. Hair is medium-length to long, but the style is casual, with the layers looking as if they got coated with salt water and left to dry.

The third hairstyle is still long but directly opposite. Glamour Magazine reports that men also like old-style hairdressing that leaves hair with glossy, manicured waves.

For the fourth hairstyle, medium-length to long hair is left messy with loose curls. This look is considered sexy by men, according to Daily Makeover.

For any length of hair, men enjoy long, retro bangs. These straight bangs drop just below the eyebrows.

A sixth hairstyle men appreciate is the pixie haircut. This cute haircut can be left messy or styled.

The seventh hairstyle is also short: the messy bob. Similar to the loose curly look, the messy bob conveys sex appeal.

Men also appreciate a casual ponytail. This look is suitable for any hair length long enough to pull back.

For the ninth style, long and shiny is always attractive to men. However, for the final hairstyle, men like long and wild hair as well. The hair's natural texture comes through and makes the woman seem approachable and fun.

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