What Are Tommie Copper Compressions and Do They Work?


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Tommie Copper compression apparel is a line of clothing with compression points to either support muscles while active or relieve aches and pains while in recovery, as described on the Tommie Copper website. All Tommie Copper clothing is infused with copper and zinc.

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Compression clothing is often worn by individuals suffering from arthritis pain or other inflammatory discomforts to help with circulation. Compression clothing is also popular among athletes during and after workouts. Wearing compression clothing for 24 hours after a workout can help reduce muscle aches in recovery because of increased circulation, according to the Huffington Post. Wearing compression clothing for short periods between workouts does not seem to have the same effect. Little evidence shows that compression clothing can help with joint pain, posits Truth in Advertising.

Tommie Copper clothing contains copper, which can kill bacteria, according to Copper Touch Surfaces. But some studies show that wearing copper to relieve inflammation is useless, says BBC News. Some believe that wearing copper, which absorbs through the skin, can actually aggravate arthritis in some cases, according to Truth in Advertising.

Each piece of Tommy Copper clothing is designed to support a specific area of the body, according to the Tommy Copper website. The garments are made with moisture-wicking material for comfort during and after workouts.

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