What Is Today's Fashion?

According to the Fashion Spot, one notable trend is the use of layers during the spring and summer seasons. Lighter-layered clothing is especially popular during warm months because of the practical use in transitioning from warm conditions to places with air-conditioning. Bolder colors such as orange are becoming more prominent, while light pink can add hints of subtlety and flair to any outfit.

Oh Styles also notes ponchos are in style, usually in the form of rubber or PVC. These ponchos are versatile in providing protection against harsh weather, and they are not restricted to any season. Eye Wear Daily adds that angular shades and aviator sunglasses also are popular in bringing out the personality of the wearer. Both men and women can be seen wearing shades and glasses with larger lenses and thicker frames. Semi-rimless sunglasses also are in vogue, along with colorful lenses. According to the New York Times, open footwear is popular, particularly shower slides from Adidas. There are new variations of shower slides from different companies, as of 2014.

Hats in the Belfry notes that classic styles such as fedora hats are returning to the mainstream. Many people can be spotted wearing classic fur-felt hats and lighter straw fedoras in warmer climates. According to US Trendy, knee-length skirts are in fashion as they are short enough to allow for breathing room and not long enough to be weighty or conservative. They are also an ideal choice for any workplace environment.