What Are Some Tips for Weaving Hair?

What Are Some Tips for Weaving Hair?

Weaves made from virgin hair with intact cuticles are more expensive; however, the weave lasts longer and looks more natural. A customer may ask a stylist for a custom blend of hair if her natural hair texture lies somewhere between two styles of extensions.

Asian and European hair blends better with fine existing hair, while Indian and Brazilian hair offers a thicker look. Indian and Brazilian hair is better suited to curling.

Washing the weave before installing it helps remove any chemicals that were added during manufacturing. A small amount of fabric softener can help soften a weave, although it should be rinsed off before installation. Regular brushing while the hair is dry can help prevent it from tangling when it is wet.

Colored extensions blend in more if the hair's natural color is left at the roots. Once the weave is in place, using a shampoo formulated for dry hair helps to maintain plenty of moisture. Deep conditioning also helps maintain the weave.

If curly hair is desired, it is better to use a roller set than a curling iron. Heat treatments can damage a virgin hair weave in the same way they damage regular hair. Avoiding heat and using gentle styling techniques can help the weave last for up to a year.