What Are Some Tips for Understanding Roller Set Hair Directions?


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When following roller set directions, don't crowd sections of hair that are too large on to a single roller, and always roll the hair in the direction you want it to sit when combed out. The size of roller you use determines the size of curl you produce. Hot rollers must be used on dry hair, while Velcro rollers work best on slightly damp hair.

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Always section your hair when using rollers. Each section should be no wider than the width of the roller and no more than 2 inches deep. Avoid crimped ends by ensuring the ends of the hair are wrapped smoothly around the roller. Roll down, toward the scalp, in an even manner to create uniform waves.

To create volume, hold the section of hair at a 45 degree angle away from the head while wrapping. This ensures the roller sits directly on the base of the hair's section and creates the most volume. To create less volume, allow the base of the hair section to sit flat against the head for the first 2 to 3 inches. Hair to be styled off the face should be rolled back and away from the face, while hairstyles requiring the hair to curl toward the face should be wrapped forward.

Always use hot rollers on dry hair to avoid damaging the hair. Velcro rollers work best when the hair is misted with a light styling spray or spray gel before wrapping. For best results, spray each hair section separately right before wrapping.

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