What Are Some Tips for Tying Scarves in Different Ways?


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Tips for tying scarves in different ways include using tighter knots to ensure scarves provide superior warmth and choosing loose and comfortable knots when wearing a scarf as an accent item. Another tip for longer scarves is to loop one side around the neck and pull the other through the loop to decrease its overall length.

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Simple scarf knots include the French twist, double loop and necklace loop and easy to learn. There are several ways to wear multiple scarves including placing them together and wrapping around the neck before twisting the scarves to display both sides of the fabric in a double-sided twist. Long scarves may be worn as a simple neck wrap made with a single half-knot worn close to the neck.

To perform classic pull-through loop, fold a scarf in half, and place it behind the neck, position both ends towards the front of the body before pulling them through the loop. Less conventional ways to wear a scar include wrapping the scarf around the waist and wearing it as a belt, knotting the scarf behind the shoulders and wearing it as a shawl or braiding a long scarf to reduce its length. Lighter scarves may even serve as hair accessories.

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