What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting an Armitron Wr 165?


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Most issues with the Armitron Wr 165 watch can be resolved by simply replacing the battery. However, since the watch contains many delicate electrical components, taking the watch to a local jeweler for inspection might be more prudent.

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The Armitron Wr 165 model wrist watch offers several helpful features, including a display that relays time in hours, minutes, seconds, the date and the day of the week. Other features include a second time zone display, a programmable 24-hour alarm, an optional hourly chime, a chronograph, a countdown timer, a back lit display, a 12- or 24-hour time display, and water resistance up to 165 feet.

To switch between various features, use the B key. This allows the watch to shuffle through available modes. The order of the feature modes is as follows: Time Telling Mode, Chronograph Mode, Alarm Mode, Timer Mode and Second Time Zone Mode. To access the month and date display, hold down the C key. The display returns to Time Telling Mode upon the release of the C key.

Although the Armitron Wr 165 is a water-resistant watch, it is not waterproof. Therefore, it is unwise to operate the watch's buttons while underwater. Should water get into the watch, have the watch inspected by a local jeweler to assess any damage that might have occurred in the electronic components of the watch.

Should the watch slow or stop completely, replace the battery with one CR-2025 model battery. Due to the sensitive nature of the watch's electronics, do not attempt to open the watch's casing. This should only be attempted by a skilled watch repair technician.

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