What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of Floor-Length Hair?


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To avoid damaging floor-length hair, use only seamless hair accessories, combs and hairbrushes, and moisturize with lots of conditioner and leave-in serums. Avoid washing floor-length hair daily, as this dries it out.

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Floor-length hair is easily damaged and requires extra maintenance. Wash and condition hair no more than three times per week. Shampoo contains sulphates that damage hair, so do not use much shampoo when washing hair. Conditioner moisturizes hair and can be applied generously.

Wear floor-length hair in hairstyles such as braids to keep tangles from forming. Trim the lower portion of hair every three months to get rid of split ends and damaged hairs, cutting off at least 1/2 inch to ensure that hair remains healthy and continues to grow.

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