What Are Some Tips for Suitcase Repair?

Some luggage repair tips include using a screwdriver to tighten loose wheels and using wax or a lubricating agent to loosen a stuck zipper. In addition, a stuck telescoping handle on a piece of luggage can often be fixed by cleaning, and a dent in hard luggage may be fixed by pounding it out with a hammer. Finally, torn soft luggage can often be sewn back together, but only with a special kind of needle and thread.

According to B for Bag, loose wheels are one of the most common types of damage to luggage. Wheels can generally be screwed back on with a screwdriver, but should not be reattached too quickly to prevent the wheel from cracking. Tears in soft luggage are also common, and can usually be fixed by sewing them back together. Use a heavy-duty needle and thread to repair tears in luggage, or use fabric or vinyl glue to patch larger holes.

Many common problems with luggage can be avoided by regularly cleaning and maintaining the bag. After returning home from a trip, clean the bag, paying special attention to the hardware such as the zippers and handle. Also apply oil to wheels and handles to prevent them from sticking.