What Are Some Tips for Successfully Highlighting Dark Hair?


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Tips for successfully highlighting dark hair include finding the correct base for the original hair color and performing a strand test to determine the length of time needed to reach the desired highlight color. It is also advised to avoid using the plastic cap and brush sold with the highlighting kit, instead opting for a toothbrush to create the highlights. Additionally, apply highlights in a manner that flatters the wearer's everyday hairstyle.

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Deep conditioning after the highlighting process is recommended, as well as using a toner to add the desired glow to the highlights.

Bases should be chosen depending on the original hair color instead of the highlight desired. All bases should be labeled for dark hair.

Perform a strand test on a well-hidden area to gauge the time it takes to lift dark hair from brown to red, orange and yellow. If the manufacturer's recommended time does not leave highlights light enough, leave them on for five more minutes. More time than that makes highlights look unnatural.

Instead of using the recommended cap with holes used to separate highlighted pieces from the rest of the head, use an adult sized toothbrush to apply the bleaching cream to the front of the head and a child's size toothbrush for the back.

Apply highlighting streaks in a manner that compliments the wearer's natural part. For example, someone with a center part should place one-inch highlights on the hair framing the face. Highlights in the middle of the head should be half an inch, and those in the back and the underlayer should be 1/4 inch. The highlights do not need to be symmetrical or perfectly placed.

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