What Are Some Tips for Styling Your Hair Like Katie Holmes?


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Tips for styling your hair like Katie Holmes are to cut the hair while it's wet, leave the hair relatively long and allow it to air-dry. Add products that support curls such as leave-in conditioner, and avoid washing the hair too often.

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Allowing curls to air-dry completely helps avoid frizz to create Holmes' soft flowing locks. In addition to leave-in conditioner, oil or curl cream keeps curls looking soft. Because Holmes' curls tend to stay dryer longer than straight hair, wait up to a week between hair washes.

For the Katie Holmes look, cut the hair while its wet so that it's easier to tell where the hair sits naturally. Because Holmes' curls pull the hair in a downward direction, it's important not to cut the hair too short. Use a curling iron to shape curls, or if you're in a hurry, just curl the locks that shape the face.

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